300 million children breathe over polluted air

AP6 is one of the best, nicely designed, Ultra quiet and smart air purifiers that will remove 99.97% of all allergens and pollutants in the air. Anything as small as 0.3 microns or larger, such as mold, pollen, dust, and bacteria will be easily removed by the smart air purification technology.






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Product's Specifications

  1. Remove odors, e.g. tobacco smoke, beverage smell, pet smell etc.
  2. Eliminate dust, pollen, allergy, mold and Kill bacterial, virus, germs
  3. Remove formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC
  4. Clear static, increase brain oxygen, refresh body and help you breathe and sleep better and improve human immunity
  5. Auto air quality control with odor sensor and indicator
  6. Three-grade wind speed control
  7. 1~12H timer with sleeping mode
  8. 7-Stage Purifying (UV lamp optional)
  9. Ultra quiet DC motor- low electricity consumption and 30000 hours life time.
  10. Filter replacement reminder, PM2.5 concentration indicator, smart mode.
Name  Air Purifier AP6C Voltage  220V/50Hz
Noise  17.4db  CADR 320m³/h
Anion  50 Million pcs/cm³ Material ABS
Gross Weight   11KG Net Weight  8KG 
Dimension 370*195*650mm Package Size 470*280*740mm
PM2.5 99.90% Application Area 34 -45 square meter 
UV Lamp  365nm  Power  60W
Filter  1. Aluminum Filter (washable)  Certification  CB,CE, RoHS, CQC, CCC
  2. Cold Catalyst Filter     
  3. Antibacterial Filter     
  4. Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter     
  5. High Efficiency HEPA Filter     
  6. Anion filter (Ionization tech)    
  7. Formuldehyde Filter    
Sensor  1. Filter Replacement Reminder     
  2. Children Lock    
  3. Clock     
  4. PM2.5 Display     
  5. Touch Screen     
Control Operation  Panel Buttons + Remote Control + WiFi control

AP6 Smoke and Noise Comparison Test to other well known brands

Product name Test environment Time Ionizer Lowest Noise
Amway smoke test chamber 15s none 38dB
Panasonic smoke test chamber 12s Nano ion 40dB
Philips smoke test chamber 8-9s none 37dB
PurCity smoke test chamber 4s 20million/cm3 29.4dB